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Stephen Lombard

Hi! I'm Stephen.
I'm your integration expert.

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What I Do

Full Spectrum Engineering

I blend hardware and software to create solutions solving some of today’s most complex challenges.

YourAPIExpert | IoT Gateway


Firmware development of Microchip, Atmel, STM, nRF, Espressif and Pi microcontrollers.

Embedded hardware design, PCB development and manufacturing.

YourAPIExpert | IoT Sensor


C++ and MicroPython library development for Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers. 

Library development for sensors, controllers and other peripherals.

YourAPIExpert | IoT App


Cross-platform mobile application development for BLE communication with hardware.

Web application development for control, display and analysis of remote sensors.

Full Spectrum Engineer

With 28 years experience
in integration challenges.

Advice is always free. Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Why Choose Me

I Am Different

I have come across many consultants in my career.  Here is what I don’t do.

I Don't Sell You Things

Sure, you may need a thing or two to make the project a success, but I will not sell it to you nor do I have affiliations with any vendor or manufacturer.

My Opinion Is Not For Sale

My opinions and advice are derived from years of late nights and weekends solving complex challenges and are not driven by any manufacturer or vendor.

I Am Not Influenced

Other consultants will guide you down a path that is easiest for them. I take the path of what is right and in your best interest.


Selected Works

Below is a small selection of current and completed projects.

YourAPIExpert | nosticOS
Linux-based operating system for IoT gateways and applications supporting Raspberry Pi and other low-power embedded hardware.
YourAPIExpert | Virtual Baby
Electronic device for the training of expectant parents in the unique deliverance of affection and attention to their baby.
YourAPIExpert | MIDISync
Application to send MIDI commands to attached devices for the control of pedal boards, lights and stage equipment timed to current playing music.
YourAPIExpert | RAK4631
Low-level API development for the nRF52840 and SX1262 LoRaWAN module enabling rapid application development of sensor and LoRa applications.


What People Say

Think like an entrepreneur, act like a CEO. I strive to provide my clients with exceptional and proven results.

“ Awesome guy to work with! Honestly convinced that the project idea I had wouldn’t have been a possibility without him as he is extremely knowledgable in so many fields that were needed. Very professional and attentive to the project at hand. I look forward to working with him again in the near future!“

Elijah Travis

“Perfect to work with, very professional very very high standard of work “

Nooh Muhammed

Let's begin your next project.